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Ovens Your Essential Kitchen Partner. Miss those sweet selling cookies, pastries, breads that you loved making so much before. Anyone who enjoys baking knows oven that is combine outward beauty with high technology to help you achieve perfect results is one of the most important ingredients. Oven Light - The oven is illuminated which enables you to see food cooking. Defrosting - The defrosting is done by simple ventilation without heat. Ideal for defrosting frozen foods. Pre-Heeating - This is a pre-set pre-heating function before cooking. Traditional Oven Cooking - Heat is provided by upper and lower heating elements of the oven. Perfect for cooking with temperature between 50 celcius and 250 celcius, which is also recommended for pastry, cookies, etc. Bottom Heating Element - Used to heating up pre-cooked food, cooking at low temperatures or lifting pastry dough. Traditional Cooking and Fan - The top and bottom heating elements and fan are functioning at the same time. This cooking mode integrates natural convection and ventilation. Suitable to bake bread, pizzas, lasagna or for biscuits which should be soft inside, special browning and cruchy outside. Bottom Heating Element - This coooking fucntion is suitable to complete cooking of dishes that require higher temperature at the bottom. Multi-Function - The circular element and the dan are on. This function ensures consistent temperatures. Recoomended use for good that must be well done outside and tender or rare inside. Full Grill - Specially designed for intense grilling action for browning, crisping on large portion food. Central Grill - Specially designed for intense grilling action for browning, crisping on smaller portion of foods like sausage and steaks. Full Grill and Turnspit - Special function when grill is in use the turnspit automatically will on. Pizza Function. Easy to Clean.